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RapidShot Training System

Spring Package - $90 for Unlimited Shooting (March-May 2012)

Enjoy a Spring workout of unlimited shoot for $90 at RapidShot beginning March 5, 2012 thru May 31, 2012. Purchase or renew a 2012-2013 membership for $10 in addition to the package price. Contact us today for the Spring Package and to reserve your time on the RapidShot.

Individual Full Season Package  - $200 for Unlimited Shooting (September-February)

$200 for unlimited shooting at RapidShot beginning September 2012 thru February 2013. Purchase or renew a 2012-2013 membership for $10 in addition to the package price. 

Individual Half Season Package - $125 for Unlimited Shooting (December-February)

For those who haven't purchased a Full Season Package, RapidShot is offering a Half Season Package beginning December 2012 thru February 2013. This will make a great Christmas gift!

This shooting package is for the player who is focused on improvment and grasping new skills to help improve their shot during the season. A routine workout plan can be designed for each shooter at different levels.

Team Season Package - $150 for Reserved Shooting (Sept-Feb)

Team players can purchase the Team Season Package for $150 plus a 2012-2013 membership fee of $10. Players will receive 30 minutes per week to practice as a team and individually.  Beginning Septemeber 2012 thru February 2013.

Training workouts on the RapidShot are typically 4 rounds (64 shots) for mites/squirts to 10 rounds for midgets/juniors (160 shots).  Each round is approximately 1.5 minutes (depending on how quickly you want to work).  Each of the options is detailed below:

Small Group Shooting Package **** ALL NEW ****

Scheduled Weeknight Workouts for a great price!

A 'Small Group' Shooting Package combines the best features of the full season team package and the individual membership - perfect for groups of 4-8 shooters who want reserved shooting time during weeknight hours and who are willing to make a commitment 10 - 20 scheduled workouts.  The price of the small group package will be discounted off the standard rental rate based on the number of reserved hours - the more hours reserved, the more the discount!

For example - if 6 players from the same team want to reserve 1 hour per week after each of their practices for a private workout on RapidShot.  These players would purchase a 'Small Group' package and not only receive a discounted price, but will have a reserved time slot during prime time weeknight hours - no waiting and you shoot at a time that fits perfectly into your hockey schedule!

Please speak with a RapidShot staff member to develop a Small Group Shooting Package that fits your needs.

RapidShot Membership Shooting Packages

RapidShot Members are extended a set of membership privileges that enhance the shooting training experience – the foundation being personal shooting data collection and analysis.  Members are hockey players that strive to score more goals by training hard, examining performance data, targeting training on areas that need improvement, and comparing performance to that of teammates and peers.  Members have the following privileges on the Rapidshot:

  • Personal Membership Card
  • On-Line Personal Shooting Data Stat Tracking (accuracy, release quickness, velocity)
  • Scheduling Privileges (call in advance to schedule your workout!)

A full season membership costs $10 for the 2011-2012 season, and gives you all of the membership privleges listed. 2011-2012 Memberships are active until March 1, 2012.  Members then select a RapidShot Shooting Package that fits their needs.    The following Shooting Packages are  available:

Gordie Howe Package                60 min shooting time                            $60 ($1.00 per minute)

Rocket Richard Package          120 min shooting time                           $100 ($0.85 per minute)

Bobby Hull Package                   250 min shooting time                          $200 ($.80 per minute)

Gordie Howe, Rocket Richard, and Bobby Hull minutes never expire and there's not limit on how many minutes you can shoot each week - these are great packages for players who love to shoot and track their stats, buy may not be able to shoot every week.

RapidShot Memberships are fantastic gifts for players who are serious about scoring more goals!  If one of these memberships plans don’t fit your needs, we will customize a membership that fits your budget and time – please call or email for more information….

Guest Cards – available to everyone at anytime!!!!!  Great Gifts!!!!

Non-members can shoot on the RapidShot by purchasing 5 minute Guest Cards for $5 or 10 minute Guest Cards for $10.  These cards are good for about 3-4 rounds (48-64 shots) and 7-9 rounds (112-144 shots) - depending on how quickly you want to work.  The 5 & 10 minute cards are great for trying the RapidShot before purchasing a membership, for warming up before a game, complementing your on ice workout with additional off-ice focus on shooting, and for gifts to hockey players of all ages.  Guest Cards allow shooters to see their shooting results in real-time (but stats are not stored on the web).  If you don’t use all of your minutes on a Guest Card, you can come back another time to finishing shooting with the card.

Gift Certificates

Get someone special, a special gift!  A gift certificate of any of our offered packages and guest cards can be purchased. Contact us to arrange a special gift for someone speical.

Team Memberships - Supplement off-ice team training with RapidShot Shooting!

Team Memberships provide a team with a discounted group rate for RapidShot minutes in addition to a private scheduled slots that are aligned with practice and off-ice workout sessions.  Please contact RapidShot of Aston and speak with a staff member about pricing and availability.

Please contact us to discuss Team/Group Packages and Private Shooting Instruction

info@rapidshotaston.com or call at 484-483-9297