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What Is The RapidShot Hockey Training System?

RapidShot is an indispensable hockey training tool for every player, from youth players to top junior and professional athletes. RapidShot offers the most advanced, computerized technology available in the world for improving shooting skills.

The RapidShot Hockey Training System can pass hundreds of pucks per hour, with details on every shot regarding accuracy, speed, and reaction time .

The RapidShot Hockey Training System will improve your hockey shooting, whether you are a beginner or professional player.  RapidShot Hockey Training System uses REAL pucks, requiring the shooter to receive passes and shoot over a series of 16 shots, tracking shooting accuracy, velocity, and release quickness of each shot. It is NOT a simulator, but rather real training, with real pucks.

Everyone is welcome to do some serious training on the RapidShot at IceWorks, or just stop by and have some fun testing your shooting skills while you’re at the rink.  On average, a shooter gets 1 RapidShot Round per minute (16 shots per round). One RapidShot round is fun and challenging – three or four rounds is a great workout – hockey gloves and sneakers are recommended, but are not necessary.  You can bring your own stick or you can use one of the ‘demo’ sticks available to everyone.  The real question is…..What’s Your Score?

For more information on The RapidShot Shooting Training System, check out www.rapidshot.com.

RapidShot Member Data Collection and Analysis

While using the RapidShot, data is collected for each of your shots – accuracy, release quickness, and velocity – this data is used to calculate your ‘RapidShot Score’.  The score is used to compare your performance with other RapidShot members – over 8,000 in North America alone!  Member data is stored to a central ‘World Rankings’ database, and performance data is accessible via the web.   

Check out the current World Wide Rankings - Click Here 

Here is an example shooting performance report for a RapidShot member:

Please contact RapidShot of Aston for more information on shooting performance data and how to utilize the data effectively to improve you shooting and score more goals!

RapidShot – Goal Scoring Skills Training

Pass Receiving & Quick Moves

RapidShot can provide over 1,000 passes per hour at selectable passing speeds – enabling you to develop sure hands and to keep passes on your stick.  Passes can be received on the forehand, backhand, and different foot positioning.  The time between passes can also be increased to allow players to practice ‘quick moves’ before shooting.


RapidShot trains players to prioritize shooting accuracy as the most important factor in goal scoring.  After receiving the pass, players must get their head up and find the ‘opening’ – then hit the target – just like in a game. This forces the shooter to have the goal in their field of vision while receiving the pass.   Players MUST hit the correct target in order to score any RapidShot points.

Release Quickness (Reaction Time)

Today’s goalies stress getting ‘square’ to the shooter, cutting down angles, and taking away the lower part of the net – a shooter with a quick release can counter these tactics by getting the puck at the net before the goalie is set.  RapidShot precisely captures the shooter’s reaction time by measuring the time from receiving the puck until it leaves the blade.  RapidShot points are increased for quicker release times.

Puck Speed (Velocity)

Every player wants to have a hard & fast shot.  The puck speed depends on multiple variables: having the right stick, physical strength, etc.  But most important is a highly developed and consistent shooting technique.  By providing maximum rate of repetition within the shortest period of time, RapidShot allows you practice the most effective technique over and over – developing your ‘muscle memory’ and strength. Players can improve their shot velocity, without sacrificing reaction time or accuracy.

RapidShot – Features

Competition Mode

Competition Mode is the primary shooting mode. All four targets are indicated randomly and the scoring results enter the World Rankings.

Training Mode

In Training Mode, the target pattern is determined by the user. It is possible to select any single target or a combination of two targets, either alternately or randomly.

Regular Duel Mode

Two users can play against each other. Each user shoots a series (or set of series') and the high score wins. Players alternate back and forth through the set until one of them wins

Handicap Duel Mode

The Handicap Duel Mode allows for competition between an experienced player and a novice, using a Handicap Factor.

Stick Testing Mode

The Stick Testing Mode allows the user to select up to 4 sticks to be objectively compared in a testing session. For the first time, hockey players can see from the data which stick works best for them, to compare shaft stiffness, curve, etc.

What’s Your Score?

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